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Will clownfish eat peppermint shrimp?

Peppermint shrimp are reclusive creatures that spend a lot of time hiding. If you are worried your clownfish will eat your shrimp, getting the type that hides is quite reasonable. Peppermint shrimp are likely to do well in a tank with relatively large and aggressive fish.

Can you keep two cleaner shrimp together?

Cleaner Shrimp should be kept in pairs if possible IMO. They will constantly breed and will provide the tank with a natural food source.

Do cleaner shrimp eat starfish?

Guest. My cleaner shrimp will clean my starfish. It doesn’t harm it in anyway as far as I can tell; this has been going on for months with no signs of harm. Never seen it go near a snail before.

Do cleaner shrimp eat snails?

absolutely! Cleaners are opportunistic scavengers and will absolutely eat stomatella snails.

Do cleaner shrimp eat detritus?

They are fun to watch and get into nooks and crevices to eat detritus and leftover food that other inverts can’t reach. Cleaner shrimp like the Skunk Cleaner can play an important role in your tank by cleaning parasites off fish and other living animals.

Should I put snails in my refugium?

Once in the main tank, snails can either function to remove algae or as fish food. But if using the refugium to cycle, filter and maintain balance in a main saltwater tank, algae and plant-eating organisms, such as snails, should be limited.

What kills Detritusworms?

Hydrogen Peroxide

What eats fish poop in a reef tank?

Protein skimmers eat fish poop. The poop should break down after a little time enough for current to take it to the skimmer. Maybe try some more fiber in the tangs doet (nori).

Does anything eat fish poop?

Fish Gatherer Exactly Scat’s eat fish poo (hence the name), so do Cod, and yes so do some shrimp (such as the wood shrimp) and all filter feeding crabs and shrimp will consume fish detritus (after its been stirred up a little).

How do you remove fish poop from sand?

The poop can also be cleared by scooping it out of the tank, though it will take you a long minute. Another brilliant solution is to get an airstone or powerhead to blow and stir the sand in areas where most poop accumulates. The current will keep the waste particles floating and easy for the filter to suck it up.

How often should I feed my corals?

Too much food will simply go to waste. It is possible to over-feed the aquarium and stimulate algal blooms and nitrate spikes. Some aquarists feed once a month, others every day. The best approach is to carefully feed small amounts once or twice a week and see how the corals respond over several weeks.

How many hours light do corals need?

It is recommended to ensure a photoperiod of 9 hours where 7 hours will be under the core spectrum and 1-hour of ramp-up and 1-hour of the ramp-down period. The total time can be as low as 8 hours and as high as 12 hours if required.

What is the best food for corals?

It’s important to offer a variety of foods to find one or more that your coral will accept. This can include diced small fish, thawed frozen plankton, phytoplankton, krill, pieces of shrimp, squid, or clams. These are also known as octopus foods and many saltwater aquarists believe this simplifies coral feeding.

What do I feed my hammer coral?

Feeding the hammer coral The hammer coral is no different there–but unlike some of the other LPS species, Euphyllia ancora is not an active, ravenous eater. Hammer corals are more subdued eaters who would benefit from the occasional feeding of a meaty marine food like mysis shrimp.

Where should I put my hammer coral?

There should be some flow (low to medium), but not a direct one. Placing the coral at medium tank level will work, as it tends to expand more there, unlike on substrate. Be sure that it’s placed at least 7 to 8 inches away from other corals as its tentacles (sweepers) will extend up to 6, during the night.

Can Hammer Coral kill fish?

They don’t harm your fish but I would recommend to wear gloves when touching them if you get a torch or a hammer, I got stung by my torches once it really burns and puts a hole in your skin!

Can two hammer corals touch?

That’s the glory of euphillia’s, they can all touch within each other, hammers, torches and frogspawns are completely compatible with one another. just keep them away from other types if you can.

Does hammer coral like flow?

Corals like Hammers and Frogspawn like a pretty gentle flow, if there gently swaying thats perfect, if they have tons of sweeper tentacles then they more than likely are getting to much flow.

Are hammer corals aggressive?

These tentacles can also sting and damage or kill other corals within reach, which is how the hammer coral will defend itself. This is what makes the hammer more of an aggressive coral as the tentacles can extend as much as 6 to 7 inches beyond the heads. Hammer corals can be fragged with very good success.

Are hammer corals hard to keep?

I think hammers are one of the easiest and hardiest LPS to keep. They can do fine under medium to strong lighting. However they do like most corals need to be acclimated to new lighting if being placed under something different than where they were.