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Why should measurements be expressed to the correct number of significant figures?

Significant Figures: The number of digits used to express a measured or calculated quantity. By using significant figures, we can show how precise a number is. It is important after learning and understanding significant figures to use them properly throughout your scientific career.

How do you read a zero error on a vernier caliper?

Positive zero error refers to the case when the jaws of the vernier caliper are just closed and the reading is a positive reading away from the actual reading of 0.00 mm. If the reading is 0.10 mm, the zero error is referred to as +0.10 mm.

How do you read a metric Vernier?

To get your total reading, add both the value from the main scale and the value from the vernier scale together. So, the distance between the jaws of the vernier caliper is 27.8mm. To get your total reading, add both the value from the main scale and the value from the vernier scale together.

What four 4 maintenance activities should be carried out on a vernier caliper to ensure accuracy?

How To Handle And Maintain Vernier Calipers For Error Prevention

  • Brush Off Any Dirt.
  • Do Not Pair Vernier Caliper With Other Tools.
  • Use It For The Purpose It Serves.
  • Do Not Expose It To Temperature Changes.
  • Be Careful With Your Location Of Taking Measurement.
  • Do Not Try To Repair It Yourself.
  • Clean Up After Every Use.

What are two important rules for taking care of calipers?

Highlights: Do’s and Don’ts for Caliper Care

  • Never drop or throw your caliper.
  • Don’t lay the caliper on the bench where it can be damaged.
  • Don’t lay the caliper in any kind of debris (metal chips or grinding grit).
  • Do not exceed the measurement range of the caliper.
  • Don’t use a caliper as a substitute for other tools. (

How do you store measuring tools?

Always keep your tools used for measuring at or around room temperature. Never lay them on a heat source or in direct sunlight as doing so could really mess them up so that their accuracy is affected. Always be wary of laying or using your tools too close to a magnet or magnetized surface.

Why a measuring instruments get out of calibration?

The accuracy of all measuring devices degrade over time. This is typically caused by normal wear and tear. However, changes in accuracy can also be caused by electric or mechanical shock or a hazardous manufacturing environment (e.x., oils, metal chips etc.).

What is the significance of calibration?

The goal of calibration is to minimise any measurement uncertainty by ensuring the accuracy of test equipment. Calibration quantifies and controls errors or uncertainties within measurement processes to an acceptable level.