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Why doldrums is a low pressure belt?

(i) Equatorial Low-Pressure Belts Due to the vertical rays of the sun here, there is intense heating. The air, therefore, expands and rises as convection current causing low pressure to develop here. This low-pressure belt is also called as doldrums because it is a zone of total calm without any breeze.

What are the causes of low pressure in the equatorial region?

Low air pressure in equatorial regions is due to the fact that hot air ascends there with gradual decrease in temperatur causing thinness of air on the surface. In polar region, cold air is very dense hence it descends and pressure increases.

What is the difference between temperature zones and pressure belts?

Answer: the temperature zone has moderate climatic conditions acquired for the growth of the plant while pressure belts is the region in which the earth is dominated to the high pressure cells or low pressures.

What is the another name of equatorial low pressure belt?


Why is it called horse latitude?

Unable to sail and resupply due to lack of wind, crews often ran out of drinking water. To conserve scarce water, sailors on these ships would sometimes throw the horses they were transporting overboard. Thus, the phrase ‘horse latitudes’ was born.

What is a subpolar low?

A band of low pressure located, in the mean, between 50° and 70° latitude. In the Northern Hemisphere, this belt consists of the Aleutian low and the Icelandic low. In the Southern Hemisphere, it is supposed to exist around the periphery of the Antarctic continent.

Why is there seasonal shifting of pressure belts?

Due to the earth’s changing aspect with respect to the sun, the pressure belts shift northwards by 5° in summer and southwards in winter resulting in particular seasonal changes, e,g. The cold waves blow in India in winter due to the sub-tropical belt shifting along 30°N touching the Himalayas.