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Why do amino acid substitutions occur?

Amino acid replacement is a change from one amino acid to a different amino acid in a protein due to point mutation in the corresponding DNA sequence. It is caused by nonsynonymous missense mutation which changes the codon sequence to code other amino acid instead of the original.

What happens to the shape and function of a protein if one of the amino acids?

What happens to the shape and function of a protein if one of the amino acids is replaced with a different type of amino acid? One amino acid might be replaced with no measurable effect on the protein’s function; replacing another might cause a total loss of function.

What type of chemical reaction is heating limestone?

When limestone is heated in a kiln, the calcium carbonate breaks down into calcium oxide and carbon dioxide. This type of reaction is called thermal decomposition.

What happen when limestone is heated strongly what type of reaction is this?

When limestone is strongly heated, decomposition reaction takes place. This reaction results in the formation of calcium oxide or quick lime(CaO) and carbon dioxide((CO2).

Why do river rocks explode in fire?

Rocks can explode in a campfire because of rapid expansion due to trapped water inside the rock, or through uneven heating. Although virtually all rocks have some amount of water inside them, porous and more permeable rocks have more water and are thus more dangerous inside a fire.

What Stone holds heat the best?


Can rocks explode in fire?

What Kind Of Rocks Explode In Fire? Nearly any kind of rock has the potential to explode – especially if it is porous and wet. When wet rocks heat up, the trapped air and water expand very quickly and forcefully break the rock apart, sometimes causing it to explode.

What does fire do to rock?

If it’s a type of rock that water can seep into (most types of sedimentary rocks like limestone and sandstone), then intense heat from fire can damage it really badly. Most of us who were boy scouts have probably experienced a damp rock exploding in the campfire before as the water inside it heats and expands.