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Why did the can collapse?

The hot gas molecules are the same pressure as the air outside the can. When the can is placed in cold water upside down, the hot gas water molecules are cooled very rapidly. Since the air pressure outside the can is stronger than that inside the can, it causes the can to collapse.

How do you make a can implode?

Take an empty aluminum soda pop can and put a spoon of water into it. Heat it over the stovetop for about thirty seconds, then invert the can and dip it into a bowl of water. This is as simple as science gets, and easy to do, just be safe around the stove flame and don’t burn yourself.

Why does the Cartesian diver float at first?

As the water level rises in the diver, it becomes less buoyant and the diver sinks. As you release the pressure on the bottle, the compressed air expands and forces the water back out. The diver floats to the top of the bottle because now it is more buoyant.

What is the independent variable in the Cartesian diver experiment?

The independent variable in this lab is pressure ● The dependent variable is buoyancy of the cartesian diver.

What is the purpose of the Cartesian diver experiment?

Squeezing the bottle causes the diver (the eye dropper) to sink because the increased pressure forces water up into the diver, compressing the air at the top of the eye dropper. This increases the mass, and density, of the diver causing it to sink.

What does Cartesian coordinates mean?

rectangular coordinates

Who discovered the Cartesian Diver concept?

René Descartes

Who is the word Cartesian named after?

How do you make a Cartesian diver with a pen cap?

Make a Cartesian Diver

  1. Remove any labels from your bottle so that you can watch the action.
  2. Fill the bottle to the very top with water.
  3. Place a small pea-size piece of modeling clay at the end of the point on the pen cap. (
  4. Slowly place the pen cap into the bottle, modeling clay end first.
  5. Now screw on the bottle cap nice and tight.

What does the Cartesian Diver demonstrate about Pascal’s principle?

The Cartesian diver demonstrates not only buoyancy, but the implications of the ideal gas law and Pascal’s principle as well. By Pascal’s principle, that pressure is transmitted to all parts of the container. This increases the pressure inside the small glass vial.

What happens to the volume of the air trapped in the dropper when you squeeze the bottle?

When the walls of the bottle are squeezed, the pressure increases inside the bottle. This added pressure decreases the volume of the gas in the bottle, including the gas in the medicine dropper. This is Boyle’s Law.

Why do some materials float while others don t?

How closely molecules are crowded together in a space is called density. Density is a big part of why some things float and others don’t. Objects like coins, rocks, and marbles are more dense than water. That’s because air is less dense than water.

How does shape help things float?

Another thing to consider is the shape of an object. Generally the more of the outside of an object that is touching the water the more buoyant it is. Water pushes back up against objects so the more surface area an object has the more water pushes back against it helping it to float.