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Which part of Pakistan receives the highest rainfall?

The highest rainfall of 620 millimetres (24 in) was recorded in Islamabad during 24 hours on 24 July 2001.

Why do Western depressions cause rainfall in Pakistan?

Answer: The western areas receive rain in winter from western depression. These depressions are low air pressure system developed on Mediterranean passes through Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan and enter Pakistan causes rain in Pakistan from December to March. Since Pakistan is at tail end brings light rain.

What are the reasons behind the difference between the climate of Karachi and Peshawar?

Karachi has a subtropical hot desert climate (BWh) whereas Peshawar has a subtropical hot steppe climate (BSh). The mean annual temperature is 3.4 °C (6.1°F) warmer. Average monthly temperatures vary by 11.1 °C (20°F) less in Karachi. The continentality subtype is barely hyperoceanic as opposed to subcontinental.

Which is the coldest place in Pakistan?

Gilgit Baltistan

Which part of Pakistan is warmer?

In Pakistan, Jacobabad continued to be the hottest place with 51 degrees Celsius maximum temperature for the second day running. The highest ever maximum temperature of the Sindh city, which is closer to Balochistan in the north, is 53C that was recorded in 1919.

Is Ziarat the coldest in Pakistan?

Pakistan. With temperatures dropping to a record low across the country this winter season, the northern parts of Baluchistan are under the grip of extreme cold weather. According to a report published in Jang, the country’s coldest place is Ziarat with mercury dropping to as low as -12 degree Celsius in the city.

What are the top 5 coldest places on Earth?

What are the 10 coldest places on Earth?

  • Dome Fuji, Antarctica.
  • Vostok Research Station, Antarctica.
  • Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica.
  • Dome Argus, Antarctic Plateau.
  • Denali, Alaska.
  • Verkhoyansk, Russia.
  • Klinck research station, Greenland.
  • Oymyakon, Russia.

What’s the hottest planet in the universe?


What are the 4 planets closest to the sun called?

The four planets closest to the sun —Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars—are called terrestrial planets. These planets are solid and rocky like Earth (terra means “earth” in Latin).

How many planets do we have in 2021?

As of 22 June 2021, 4,768 known extrasolar planets in 3,527 planetary systems (including 783 multiple planetary systems), ranging in size from just above the size of the Moon to gas giants about twice as large as Jupiter, have been discovered, out of which more than 100 planets are the same size as Earth, nine of which …

Who found the planets?

Five planets have been known since ancient times — Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. The first new planet discovered was Uranus. It was discovered by the English astronomer Sir William Herschel in 1781….

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