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Which of these best explains why the sun appears to move across the sky each day?

As Earth spins on its axis, it makes the Sun appear to move across the sky. As the Sun spins around Earth, it moves across the sky. Earth rotates around the Sun every 24 hours, making the Sun appear to move across the sky. The Sun rotates around Earth every 12 hours, making the Sun appear to move across the sky.

Which of the following best describes the shape of Earth?

  • Earth is slightly flattened at the poles and bulged at the equator . That is why, its shape is described as a Geoid. Geoid means an earth-like shape.
  • Ellipse – Planets when move around the sun forms an elliptical path.
  • Globe is the model of the earth.

Why does the night sky appear to move in a circular pattern?

There are actually two different reasons why stars appear to move across our sky. The first is because the Earth is spinning and second because the Earth itself is moving around the Sun. At the same time as the Earth is moving around the sun it is spinning on it own axis (once a day).

Is it ever light on the moon?

These different “faces” are called phases and they are the result of the way the Sun lights the Moon’s surface as the Moon orbits Earth. The Moon can only be seen as a result of the Sun’s light reflecting off it. It does not produce any light of its own.

What causes the movement of clouds in the space?

Why do clouds move? Clouds move because the wind is carrying the parcel of cloudy air along. The droplets in the cloud are moving fast with the wind, but new cloud drops are always forming in the same place where the air is pushed up near the hill, so the front of the cloud appears stationary.

Why is it important to identify clouds?

Depending on their characteristics and height in the atmosphere, clouds can influence the energy balance in different ways. Clouds can block a significant portion of the Sun’s incoming radiation from reaching the Earth’s surface, as anyone who has had a day at the beach inter- rupted by heavy clouds can tell you.