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Which is oxidised and reduced?

It also explains the terms oxidising agent and reducing agent. Oxidation is gain of oxygen. Reduction is loss of oxygen.

Which of the following is best oxidising agent co2 sio2 SnO2 PbO2?

Answer. Answer: PbO2, PbO, SnO2 and SnO. Lead(IV)oxide, (PbO2) is a stronger oxidizing agent than either tin(II)oxide or tin(IV) oxide because it has a higher tendency to be reduced, which means to gain electrons.

Which among the following is a hydride is not a reducing agent?

Answer. Among the following, the hydride which is not a reducing agent is (a)H₂O . – All of the given hydrides are the hydrides of 16th group (oxygen family). – Out of these hydrides, only water (H₂O ) is not a reducing agent.

Why does reducing character decreases from so2 to teo2?

Solution. As the size of group 16 elements increases down the group, the element–oxygen bond strength decreases from SO2 to TeO2. Hence, due to increase in the tendency to release oxygen, the oxidising tendency increases and, consequently, the reducing character decreases.

What is oxidising and reducing property?

The tendency of an element to lose electrons is called its reducing property. By virtue of this property, the substance itself undergoes oxidation. Oxidizing Property: The tendency of an element to gain electrons is called its oxidizing property.

Why does reducing property decrease down a group?

The dioxide molecules contain pπ–pπ bonds which become weaker with increase in atomic number because, increase in atomic no. increases size along a group and hence there occurs an increase in the bond length and so the reducing character decreases down the group.

What is meant by reducing agent?

A reducing agent (also called a reductant or reducer) is an element or compound that loses (or “donates”) an electron to an electron recipient (oxidizing agent) in a redox chemical reaction. A reducing agent is thus oxidized when it loses electrons in the redox reaction.

Why BiH3 is the strongest reducing agent?

Why is BiH3 the strongest reducing agent amongst all the hydrides of Groups 15 elements? Answer: Thus as we move down the group, the M—H bond can break more easily to evolve H2 gas which acts as the reducing agent. Thus, BiH2 is least stable among the hydrides of group 15 and hence is the strongest reducing agent.

Which of the following is an Oxoacid of phosphorus?

phosphoric acid