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Where in a spiral galaxy would you be most likely to find an O type star?

O-type stars are typically located in regions of active star formation, such as the spiral arms of a spiral galaxy or a pair of galaxies undergoing collision and merger (such as the Antennae Galaxies).

Do spiral galaxies have old stars?

Most spiral galaxies contain a central bulge surrounded by a flat, rotating disk of stars. The bulge in the center is made up of older, dimmer stars, and is thought to contain a supermassive black hole. These spiral arms contain a wealth of gas and dust and younger stars that shine brightly before their quick demise.

What is the main evidence that a black hole is at the galactic Centre quizlet?

Astronomers have found convincing evidence for a super massive black hole in the center of our own Milky Way galaxy, the galaxy NGC 4258, the giant elliptical galaxy M87, and several others. Scientists verified the existence of the black holes by studying the speed of the clouds of gas orbiting those regions.

How can you determine whether it is actually a star or a quasar?

How can you determine whether it is actually a star or a quasar? Take a spectrum of its light. The Doppler shift of the spectral lines in a star can be no more than a few hundred km/s. The lines in even the nearest quasars are redshifted by a much larger amount.

What lies at the center of our galaxy?

The Galactic Center (or Galactic Centre) is the rotational center of the Milky Way galaxy; it is a supermassive black hole of 4.100 ± 0.034 million solar masses, which powers the compact radio source Sagittarius A*.

Why is there a black hole at the center of every galaxy?

They are believed to be at the center of every galaxy because they have such gravitational power and strength that they can pull the rest of the dust, asteroids, planets and suns close to it. Everything that is just far enough away will form the galaxy, the rest is dinner for the black hole.

What if Earth was closer to the center of the galaxy?

The closer you get to the heart of the galaxy, the tighter stars are packed together. Because of this high star density, the Earth would be blasted with a lot more radiation than what the Sun throws at you right now. This could change the Earth’s climate, and cause everything on the planet to either mutate or die.

How bright is the center of the galaxy?

How bright is the Milky Way’s center? Astronomers estimate the total luminosity of the central dozen or so light-years of the Milky Way to be equal to about 10 million suns. But the center of our galaxy is 27,000 light-years away. The Milky Way galaxy is a collection of hundreds of billions of stars.

What would the sky look like at the center of the galaxy?

If you lived in the center of the Milky Way, you would look up at a sky thick with stars, one thousand to 1 million times more dense than we’re used to seeing, depending on how close you were to the core. In the center of the galaxy, stars are only 0.4–0.04 light-years apart.