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When contour lines are close together does that mean a hill has a steep or gradual slope?

3.4. 55). In hilly areas, the contour lines are close together while they are wider apart on flat slopes. The closer the contour lines, the steeper the slope.

What is meant by a contour interval?

A contour line is a line drawn on a topographic map to indicate ground elevation or depression. A contour interval is the vertical distance or difference in elevation between contour lines. Index contours are bold or thicker lines that appear at every fifth contour line.

Which information does a thicker contour line provide?

Closely spaced contour lines represent a steep slope; widely spaced lines indicate a gentle slope. Every fourth or fifth contour line is shown with a thicker line. This thicker contour line is called an index contour and, if you follow it, you’ll eventually find a nice round number elevation printed along it somewhere.

What is the shape of contour lines in case of a valley?

12. What is the shape of contour lines in case of a valley? Explanation: Contour lines cross a valley line at right angles. They form sharp curves of V shape across it with the convex side of the curve towards the higher ground.

Which of the following is a classification based on the instrument used?

Which of the following is a classification based on the instrument used? Explanation: Topographic surveying, Hydrographic surveying, Cadastral surveying classification is based on the nature of field survey. Traverse surveying, chain surveying is classified based on the type of instrument used.

Which shaped lines indicate the presence of Ridge?

Which shaped lines indicate the presence of a ridge? Explanation: The contour line with U-shape, which has convexity towards a lower ground shows the presence of a ridge.

What is the difference between a valley and a ridge?

Ridge (Also: Arete or Spur) – A continuous elevated terrain with sloping sides. A valley can be “V” or “U” shaped and often can be seen as a “negative” to a ridge. On a map, valleys are represented by the same contour shape as ridges with the difference being the the wide openings are at lower elevation.

Which line is normal to the level line at a point?

Vertical line

What do V-shaped contour lines pointing uphill indicate?

The “V” shape contours indicate streams and drainage. As you can see, the “V” points uphill to a higher elevation. Generally, you can connect the apexes of the upward-pointing, “V” shaped contour lines to delineate a stream.

What is the rule of V?

The following rule (the Rule of “Vs”) os helpful for determining the general dip of a bed on a geological map or block diagram if it is not shown by a symbol: “Where a contact crosses a valley, it forms a “V”, the apex of which points in the direction of dip of the contact (Fig. 1 A,B).”