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What was the theme of the 2016 Rio Olympics?

The theme of the 2016 Rio Olympics is “World peace and Environment”. It is the 31st edition of Summer Olympic Games, which has recently started at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from August 5 and will be continue till August 21, 2016.

What was the most expensive Olympics?

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

What is a one off sporting event?

The Added Value Unit and assessment are based on your performance within an activity. You will be asked to take part in an event such as a match, competition or display. No marks are given and each assessment standard is awarded either a pass or fail. …

How much does the Olympics cost to attend?

According to the Tokyo Olympic Organising Committee, tickets for the opening ceremony will range from Y15,000 to Y300,000 (about US$220 to US$2680). Average ticket prices for events will cost from Y2500 to Y130,000 (about US$60 to US$1160) and half of tickets will cost less than Y8000 (about US$44).

What do the Olympic rings represent?

The Olympic symbol (the Olympic rings) expresses the activity of the Olympic Movement and represents the union of the five continents and the meeting of athletes from throughout the world at the Olympic Games.

Who was the first woman to compete in the Olympics?

Hélène de Pourtalès

Which Colour is not seen in Olympics?


What is the motto of the Olympics?

Citius, Altius, Fortius

Who designed the Olympic flag *?

Pierre de Coubertin

How many countries participated in the 2008 Olympics?


Who stays in the Olympic Village?

Despite its sprawl, the village remains off-limits to basically everyone in the world, making it the persistent object of fascination from Olympic spectators every two years.

Has anyone won Olympic medals in different sports?

Frank Kugler: Multiple Sports, United States. Frank Kugler is the only athlete in Olympic history to win a medal in three different sports. In the 1904 Olympics, he won a silver medal in men’s freestyle wrestling, and bronze medals in two-hand lift, all-around dumbell and team tug-o-war.

Who is the most winning Olympian of all time?

Michael Phelps

Are Olympic gold medals real gold?

Although the Olympic gold medal is more silver than gold, there are gold medals that are solid gold, such as the Congressional Gold Medal and Nobel Prize Medal. Before 1980, the Nobel Prize medal was made from 23-carat gold. Newer Nobel Prize medals are 18-carat green gold plated with 24-carat gold.

Who is the most decorated female Olympian?

Swimmer Jenny Thompson