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What three things would you like a college admission committee to know about you?

You want them to know the following about you:you love learning and your academic record and teachers who recommend you will back you up on this;you are a natural leader who gets things done at your school and in your community;you are passionate about something that drives you and brings you great satisfaction;

What qualities are colleges looking for in students?

Top 7 qualities universities look for in student applicantsA positive attitude towards study. A passion for the chosen course subject. An ability to think and work independently. An ability to persevere and complete tasks. An inquiring mind. Good written English. An ability to work well in groups.

Do Admissions Officers fact check?

There is no way that admission offices have the time or the ability to fact-check every part of every student’s application. The keys are making sure that a student’s application has integrity and that decisions are made on information that hasn’t necessarily been verified, but is verifiable.

Can I see my college admissions file?

Here’s how to gain access to your own admissions records. Just contact the admissions office at your university and request access under FERPA to any documents they have, which they are legally obligated to provide within 45 days.

How long do universities keep admissions files?

three years