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What should one surmise if a blood flow found on an object or body does not appear consistent with the direction of gravity?

a pattern made by drops or large amounts of blood flowing by the pull of gravity. If found on an object or body, does not appear consistent with the direction of gravity, one may surmise that the object or body was moved after the blood had dried.

On what surface would you most likely find satellite spatter evidence?

Surface Texture- In general harder and non porous surfaces result in less spatter. Rough surfaces, such as a concrete floor or wood, usually result in irregularly shaped stains with serrated edges, possibly with satellite spatter.

What type of evidence can be obtained by transporting the body in a closed body bag?

Placing a plastic bag over the hands of the deceased before transporting the person to the morgue – to keep evidence of blood, skin cells, fibers, and DNA from falling off or contaminating the corpse.

What is the documented and unbroken transfer of evidence?

Chain of Custody – the documented and unbroken transfer of evidence; lists all the people who came into contact with an item of evidence. Physical Evidence – any object that can establish that a crime has been committed or can link a suspect to a victim or crime scene.

What are the five common types of evidence?

And even some evidence that is not admissible on its own may be admissible in conjunction with other types of evidence.

  • Analogical Evidence.
  • Anecdotal Evidence.
  • Character Evidence.
  • Circumstantial Evidence.
  • Demonstrative Evidence.
  • Digital Evidence.
  • Direct Evidence.
  • Documentary Evidence.

Are fingerprints individual or class evidence?

Fingerprint are a result of oil and secretions from skin mixing with dirt. Fingerprints are generally considered to be a form of class evidence.

What is individual evidence examples?

Examples of class evidence include blood type, fibers, and paint. Individual Characteristics are properties of physical evidence that can be attributed to a common source with a high degree of certainty. Examples of individual evidence include anything that contains nuclear DNA, toolmarks, and fingerprints.

Which type of evidence is an example of testimony?

Testimonial evidence is a statement made under oath. An example would be a witness pointing to someone in the courtroom and saying, “That’s the guy I saw robbing the grocery store.” This is also called direct evidence or prima facie evidence. Physical evidence can be any object or material relevant in a crime.

Who is testimonial evidence used by?

Testimonial evidence may be used for proving or disproving different things. It can be used by both the prosecution and the defense. For example, the prosecution may summon a police officer to confirm the identity of the defendant as the person who was at the scene of a crime and the events that transpired.

Which type of evidence is an example of testimony quizlet?

Testimonial evidence is probably the most popular evidence in what we see in TV and in movies. tangible items that tend to prove some material fact, also called real evidence. An example of physical evidence is glass.

Which type of evidence would most likely include a testimony?

empirical evidence