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What is the volume of chlorine gas?

The volume of a unit mass of chlorine at specified conditions of temperature and pressure. (0.3113 m3/kg). (0.08179 m3/kg).

What are the strategies of positioning?

There are five main strategies upon which businesses can base their positioning.

  • Positioning based on product characteristics.
  • Positioning based on price.
  • Positioning based on quality or luxury.
  • Positioning based on product use or application.
  • Positioning based on the competition.

What is the aim of NSTP?

The primary objective of the NSTP law is to promote the role of the youth in nation-building. As such, it aims to encourage the youth to become civic and/or military leaders and volunteers whom could be called upon by the nation in cases their services are needed.

What are the 8 core values of NSTP?


  • Love god;
  • Human dignity;
  • Truth, goodness, and social responsibility;
  • Innovation and creativity;
  • Synergy and professionalism;
  • Protection of the environment;
  • Indigenous learning and conservation; and.
  • Quality service delivery.

How can NSTP students serve the community?

So, with the meaning provided, NSTP-CWTS students can serve the community by means of actively participating in community programs that aims to provide good service and essential benefits to the people within the community.

Why do foreigners not take NSTP?

Answer:The purpose of NSTP is to promote citizenry of Filipinos. Well, foreigners are not required to take National Service Training Program simply because they are not obligated to helpthe country in times of need for the reason that they are citizens of other nations.

Is it necessary to take up NSTP?

Answer: NSTP or the National Service Training Program is needed in a college’s curriculum because it instills in our youth a sense of patriotism for our country. It also prepares them to be socially aware and responsible individual members of the community.

Is it necessary to take up this course NSTP )?

The successful completion of the NSTP is a prerequisite for graduation. 18.3 Students taking Basic Military Training must coordinate with NSTP coordinator for registration in other school.

Is it necessary to take up NSTP course?

Who are required to complete the NSTP? Students of any baccalaureate degree course or at least two-year technical vocational courses in public and private educational institutions shall be required to complete one of the NSTP components as requisite for graduation.

How does NSTP help students?

The findings of the study suggest that NSTP courses are effective and they influenced the self-improvement, performance, community involvement, and demonstration of abilities and skills of the students to an extent.

How is NSTP taken up?

How many years or semester can NSTP be taken up? Each of the NSTP components shall be undertaken for an academic period of two (2) semester and credited for three (3) units per semester with 54 to 90 training hours per semester.

What is the fee for NSTP component?

Fees and Incentives – Higher and technical vocational institutions shall not collect any fee for any of the NSTP components except basic tuition fees, which shall not be more than fifty percent (50%) of what is currently charged by schools per unit.