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What is the distance traveled by an object divided by the time it takes to travel that distance?

Physical Science Exam

The distance traveled by an object divided by the time it takes to travel that distance is called average speed
In order to determine speed, you must know time and distance
What is the speed and velocity is that velocity includes direction
What is the speed of an object at rest? 0 km/h

What is the total length traveled by an object?

Displacement is the change in position of an object. The SI unit for displacement is the meter. Displacement has direction as well as magnitude. Distance traveled is the total length of the path traveled between two positions.

What is the distance an object travels per unit of time?


Is weight a vector or scalar?

Weight is a force which is a vector and has a magnitude and direction. Mass is a scalar. Weight and mass are related to one another, but they are not the same quantity.

Why is weight considered a vector?

Gravitational definition “The word weight denotes a quantity of the same nature as a force: the weight of a body is the product of its mass and the acceleration due to gravity.” This resolution defines weight as a vector, since force is a vector quantity.

Why current is called tensor quantity?

Current is a scalar. Current density is a vector. Because scalars and vectors are tensors this means current and current density are both tensors.

Is displacement a vector or scalar?

Distance is a scalar quantity. It measures the total distance travelled, no matter in which direction. Displacement is a vector quantity.

Why distance is scalar and displacement is vector?

Displacement is a vector quantity and not a scalar quantity because it can be only described by using both magnitude as well as direction. Distance, on the other hand, is a scalar quantity, since we need to know only about the path taken.

Why Displacement is a vector quantity?

Displacement is a vector quantity because it has both magnitude and direction. Displacement is considered as the minimal distance between the initital and the final point of the object within a given time.

Is momentum a vector or scalar?

The momentum of a body is defined as the product of its mass by its velocity. We shall use the symbol p to denote the momentum of a body. The momentum of a body is a vector quantity, for it is the product of mass, a scalar, by velocity, a vector.

Why Momentum is a scalar?

Momentum of a body (or moving body) is defined as the product of mass of that body and velocity of that body. It is denoted by p. As mass has only magnitude therefore it is a scalar quantity. Velocity is the rate of change of position of an object with time in a given direction.