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What is fuel wood harvesting?

Fuelwood is wood that is harvested from forestlands and combusted directly for useable heat in the residential and commercial sectors and power in the electric utility sector. From: Comprehensive Renewable Energy, 2012.

Which process changes solar energy into organic matter so that it can be cycled through a food chain?

Which process changes solar energy into organic matter so that it can be cycled through a food chain? Photosynthesis is the process plants use to convert sunlight into chemical energy. The process of photosynthesis can be modeled to illustrate the most important aspects of the natural phenomenon.

Why is energy lost as you move up the food chain?

Energy decreases as it moves up trophic levels because energy is lost as metabolic heat when the organisms from one trophic level are consumed by organisms from the next level. A food chain can usually sustain no more than six energy transfers before all the energy is used up.

What are the names of the food chain?

Here are the five trophic levels:

  • Level 1: Plants (producers)
  • Level 2: Animals that eat plants or herbivores (primary consumers)
  • Level 3: Animals that eat herbivores (secondary consumers, carnivores)
  • Level 4: Animals that eat carnivores (tertiary consumers, carnivores)

Which one of the following sequences is correct in pond food chain?

Thus, the correct answer is Grass —> Insects—>Birds —> Snake. ‘

What is biological magnification and give its causes?

Biomagnification can be defined as the rise or increase in the contaminated substances caused by the intoxicating environment. The contaminants might be heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic, and pesticides such as polychlorinated biphenyls and DDT.

What are the harmful effects of biological magnification?

Effects of Biomagnification In addition, consumption of plants or aquatic animals that have assimilated heavy metals and toxic substances may lead to long-term effects such as different types of cancers, Kidney failure, respiratory disorders, brain damage, birth defects and heart diseases.

What is an example of biological magnification?

Biological magnification refers to the process where toxic substances move up the food chain and become more concentrated at each level. An example of biological magnification and its dangers is any small fish that eats plankton that has been tainted with mercury.

Why is biomagnification dangerous?

In many cases, animals near the top of the food chain are most affected because of a process called biomagnification. This is biomagnification, and it means that higher-level predators-fish, birds, and marine mammals-build up greater and more dangerous amounts of toxic materials than animals lower on the food chain.

What is biomagnification what can be its effect on humans?

Biomagnification is a cumulative increase in the concentrations of a persistent substance (e.g. pesticides, metals, etc.) This affects humans because a large percentage of the fish we consume are higher on the food chain and therefore likely to carry a high concentration of potentially harmful chemicals.