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What happens to latent heat in the atmosphere during evaporation to what occurs during condensation?

Latent heat of evaporation? -Latent heat of condensation is energy released when water vapor condenses to form liquid droplets. -If the water vapor condenses back to a liquid or solid phase onto a surface, the latent energy absorbed during evaporation is released as sensible heat onto the surface.

What is the sensible heat factor?

Sensible heat factor is the ratio of sensible heat and Total heat. Sensible heat is the heat which increases or decreases the temperature of the body. Latent heat is the heat which increases the specific humidity without increasing or decreasing the temperature of the body.

What is the effective room sensible heat factor?

Effective Room Sensible Heat (ERSH) is the sum of all sensible heat gain that occurs in the room including the gain due to the portion of the ventilation air which is bypassed. Bypass Factor is part of the total air through the coil which fails to come into contact with the surface of the cooling coil.

What is by pass factor?

The inability of a coil to cool or heat the air to its temperature is indicated by a factor called by-pass factor (BPF) or Coil Bypass Factor. BPF can also be defined as the ratio of air which is unaffected by the coil to the total quantity of air passing over the coil. …

What is SHF in RAC?

SHF (SENSIBLE HEAT FACTOR) is the ratio between the sensible and the total heat.

What is Gshf?

It is defined as ratio of total sensible heat to the grand total heat which the cooling coil is required to handle after the outside fresh air and recirculated air mixing has taken place.

What is infiltration load?

Infiltration is the unintentional or accidental introduction of outside air into a building, typically through cracks in the building envelope and through use of doors for passage. Infiltration is sometimes called air leakage. The leakage of room air out of a building, intentionally or not, is called exfiltration.

What does a psychrometric chart show?

Psychrometric Chart and Air Characteristics. A psychrometric chart presents physical and thermal properties of moist air in a graphical form. It can be very helpful in troubleshooting and finding solutions to greenhouse or livestock building environmental problems.

What are the general comfort conditions in an air conditioning system?

Humans generally feel comfortable between temperatures of 22 °C to 27 °C and a relative humidity of 40% to 60%. first cool the air to 14 °C (this removes some of the water from the air), and then heat the air to 24 °C. the heat and mass of water removed in the cooling phase, and the heat added in the heating phase.