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What are the 5 largest countries in Oceania?

Largest Countries In Oceania 2021

  • Australia (2,969,121 square miles)
  • Papua New Guinea (178,656 square miles)
  • New Zealand (104,400 square miles)
  • New Caledonia (7,170 square miles)
  • Fiji (7,053 square miles)
  • Vanuatu (4,705 square miles)
  • French Polynesia (1,608 square miles)
  • Samoa (1,097 square miles)

What are 5 countries in Oceania?

Oceania includes 14 countries: Australia, Micronesia, Fiji, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, New Zealand, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu. 4.

What are the 10 largest countries by area?

The top ten largest countries, in square kilometers.

  • Russia.
  • Canada. 9,984,670.
  • United States. 9,826,675.
  • China. 9,596,961.
  • Brazil. 8,514,877.
  • Australia. 7,741,220.
  • India. 3,287,263.
  • Argentina. 2,780,400.

What country has the best looking people?

Ukraine – the birthplace of Mila Kunis – has been named the best-looking nation in the world. Coming in second was the people of Denmark, and third was Filipino people. Thousands of people gave their verdict for the survey carried out by Big 7 Travel.

Which is the most sexually open country in the world?


Which nationality is the most beautiful?

Ukrainian has been voted as the sexiest nationality in a new survey. The people of Ukraine, the birthplace of actress Mila Kunis. At the other end of the table is Irish, in 50th, with American ranking 45th.

What race is the best looking?

The people of Ukraine have been named as the sexiest in the world, according to a new survey. The people living from the Western steppes Liviv of to the Donbask were found to be the most attractive, followed by Danish and Filipino in third.

Which race has most beautiful eyes?

That shows how real the pressure is to look more Caucasian, as 50 percent of Asian people don’t naturally have a double eyelid. Double eyelid or not, natural or surgically enhanced, the eyes of East Asian people — often called almond shape eyes, according to NPR — are considered by many to be equally beautiful.