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What are advantages of electroplating?

Electroplating has many advantages: (i) It is used to coat metal surfaces with desired metal coatings, for decoration purposes. (ii) It saves metal surfaces from rusting. (iii) It saves corrosion of surfaces of metals.

What is electroplating 8th?

The process of depositing a thin layer of a desired metal over a metal object with the help of electric current is called electroplating. Electroplating is done for. 1)Protection from corrosion.

Why is electroplated on iron to make cans used for storing food?

Tin is a non-reactive metal whereas iron is a reactive metal. If food is stored in an iron container, it might react with iron and get spoiled. Hence, tin is electroplated on iron to make cans used for storing food. Electroplating tin makes the container non-reactive and look better.

Is electroplating possible on plastic or wood?

Neither wood nor plastic can be electroplated with a metal because they do not conduct electricity. For electroplating to be done both the electrodes should be good conductors of electricity. As plastic and wood both are bad conductors of electicity. it is not possible to electoplate any of them.

Can we electroplate plastic on a steel plate?

Electroplating is the deposition of metal ions from solution onto an electrically charged surface. The surface must therefore be conductive. Plastic is not conductive, so direct electroplating of plastic is not practicable.

Why is direct current used in electroplating?

Why is DC preferred over AC in electroplating? Plating requires ions to flow through an electrolyte in an electric field. With AC, there will be no net ion flow and no plating will happen because the electric field direction will keep alternating and ions will oscillate back and forth within the electrolyte.

Can we use AC for electroplating?

Due to changing direction of the current, the metallic ions in the electrolyte keeps shunting between the electrodes that keeps changing polarity. Hence AC current cannot be used in electroplating.