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How many ways can you make 7 with 2 dice?

six possibilities

What is the probability of I coming up with a number 7 when a dice thrown once?

Probability of getting a number <7 is 66=1.

What does doublet mean in probability?

doublet refers to situation when two dices are thrown at once and both of them ends up getting same digits for ex. – 2and 2, 3and3 etc. This conversation is already closed by Expert.

What is the probability of getting a total of at least 10?

As the chart shows the closer the total is to 7 the greater is the probability of it being thrown….Probabilities for the two dice.

Total Number of combinations Probability
7 6 16.67%
8 5 13.89%
9 4 11.11%
10 3 8.33%

When two dice are thrown find the probability?

We know that the total number of possible outcomes when two dice are thrown is =6×6=36. We know that the probability of any event is the ratio of the number of favourable outcomes and the number of possible outcomes.

What is the probability of not getting the same number on two dice?

The second roll of the dice has to match the outcome of the first, so that has a probability of 1/6. The probability of both events occurring is 1 * 1/6.

What is the probability of getting the sum as a prime number when two dice are thrown?

When two dice are thrown, the total number of sample spaces is 36. Hence, the probability of getting a sum of prime numbers = 15/36 = 5/12.

What is the probability of rolling a number greater than 4 on a fair number die?

1 Expert Answer If you roll a single die there are 6 possible outcomes (1,2,3,4,5,6), 2 of which are greater than 4. So in a single roll the probability of getting a number greater than 4 is 2/6 = 1/3.