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How many sides and corners does a semicircle have?

1 straight side, 1 curved side, 2 vertices where the curved side and the straight side meet at the two ends of the straight side, 2 angles at the ends of the straight side and forming 90 deg with the tangents to the curved side.

How many vertices does a semi circle have?

A semi-circle also has no vertices, because the intersections on the semi-circle are between a curved line and a straight line, instead of two straight lines.

How many angles has a semi circle?

In mathematics (and more specifically geometry), a semicircle is a one-dimensional locus of points that forms half of a circle. The full arc of a semicircle always measures 180° (equivalently, π radians, or a half-turn). It has only one line of symmetry (reflection symmetry).

How many right angles does a semi-circle have?

two right angles

Does a semi-circle have right angles?

The angle inscribed in a semicircle is always a right angle (90°). The inscribed angle is formed by drawing a line from each end of the diameter to any point on the semicircle. No matter where you do this, the angle formed is always 90°.

What kind of angle is inscribed in semicircle Why?

The intercepted arc for an angle inscribed in a semi-circle is 180 degrees. Therefore the measure of the angle must be half of 180, or 90 degrees. In other words, the angle is a right angle….

What is smaller than a semicircle?

Minor arc: an arc that is less than a semicircle. A minor arc is named by using only the two endpoints of the arc.

Is the longest code of the circle?

A chord that passes through the center of a circle is called a diameter, and is the longest chord.

Which is the longest diameter?

For example, conjugate diameters have the property that a tangent line to the ellipse at the endpoint of one diameter is parallel to the conjugate diameter. The longest diameter is called the major axis.

Is the longest chord of the circle fill in the blanks?

Hence, we can conclude that the longest chord of the circle is a diameter of the circle. Hence, option (a) is the right answer.

Does a circle have only one diameter?

For a given circle, there is exactly one and only one diameter. On the other hand, the word “diameter” designates a line segment joining a point on the circle with its opposite, i.e. the point farthest away from the point at hand. For every point on a circle there is exactly one diameter that contains this point.

Is it true or false that if a circle is divided into three equal arcs each is a major arc?

False. If it is divided in 2 equal parts then it is semicircle where no one is minor or major. But in 3 equal parts each is minor so as to form a complete circle.

Is a circle has only finite number of equal chords?

(ii) A circle has only finite number of equal chords. Answer: False, because a circle can haev infinite number of equal chords. (iii) If a circle is divided into three equal arcs, each is a major arc. Answer: False, because a major arc is always bigger than a minor arc, and they cannot be equal.

Can we draw infinite number of chords in a circle?

False. There are infinite points on a circle. Therefore, we can draw infinite number of chords of given length. Hence, a circle has infinite number of equal chords.