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How is a hydrothermal vent formed?

Hydrothermal vents are the result of seawater percolating down through fissures in the ocean crust in the vicinity of spreading centers or subduction zones (places on Earth where two tectonic plates move away or towards one another). The cold seawater is heated by hot magma and reemerges to form the vents.

How are hydrothermal vents formed quizlet?

Hydrothermal vents are formed along divergent plate tectonic boundaries in the deep ocean. Cold sea water seeps into the cracks and fissures along these boundaries. They are heated by the hot underlying magma under the ocean floor. The hot water is forced back up to the ocean floor, carrying dissolved minerals.

What is unusual about life and these hydrothermal vents?

Hydrothermal vents are home to unusual deep-ocean ecosystems that include giant tubeworms, large clams, beds of mussels, and many other creatures. A fracture zone, on the other hand, is a seismically inactive area that offsets the axis of a mid-ocean ridge.

What is true about hydrothermal vents quizlet?

Hydrothermal vents occur in the deep ocean, typically along mid-ocean ridges where two tectonic plates are diverging. Sea water which seeps into cracks in the ocean floor (and water from the upwelling magma) is released from the hot magma. Hydrothermal vents occur at depths of about 2100 m below sea level.

Why do hydrothermal vents have chimneys quizlet?

Why do hydrothermal vents have chimneys? The formation of ice would reduce the volume of water in the ocean, causing the global sea level to go down. As sea level goes down, the shoreline migrates seaward. The continental shelf is measured from the shoreline to the shelf break.

What are black smokers and why are they important quizlet?

Black smokers form when sea water seeps into the cracks of the earths crust toward the hot rocks below. Then the hot rocks heat the water up to extreme temperatures while this happens the water slowly collects minerals from the rocks surrounding it. Eventually the water shots back up through the earths crust.

When the mineral rich water from a hydrothermal vent hits the surrounding seawater The minerals rushing out give the water the appearance of?

black smoke is the correct answer. Explanation: The mixture of mineral rich water reaches the sea water, the minerals rushing out gives the water the appearance of the black smoke due to the deposits of iron sulfide.

Why does hot water come out of hydrothermal vents on the flanks of mid-ocean ridges?

Although cold seawater percolates down through many cracks, the hydrothermal fluid flows up through a much smaller number of channels, creating the submarine hot springs that dot the flanks of mid-ocean ridges. Suddenly cooled, the fluid can no longer keep all the chemicals and minerals it was carrying in solution.

Why are hydrothermal vents important for commercial use?

Hydrothermal vents act as natural plumbing systems that transport heat and chemicals from the interior of the Earth and that help regulate global ocean chemistry. Learning about these organisms can teach us about the evolution of life on Earth and the possibility of life elsewhere in the solar system and the universe.