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How do you use a number line to put integers from greatest to least?

How would you use a number line to put integers in order from greatest to least? A Graph the integers, then read themfrom left to right. B Graph the integers, then read them from right to left. C Graph the absolute values of the integers, then read them from left to right.

How does the number line help you in arranging real numbers?

A real number line, or simply number line, allows us to visually display real numbers by associating them with unique points on a line. The real number associated with a point is called a coordinate. A point on the real number line that is associated with a coordinate is called its graph.

How does a number line help you?

Number lines provide a mental strategy for addition and subtraction. Research has shown they’re important because they promote good mental arithmetic strategies. Learners soon graduate from using simple number lines to visualising one in their mind – this is when the humble number line has done its job!

How do you do order the numbers from least to greatest?

Look at the ones place first, ignoring the decimal. The order from greatest to least is 2, 4, 5, 6, and 8. Because none of the numbers in the ones place are the same, it doesn’t matter what the decimal will be on these numbers- the order will remain the same. The order is 2.1, 4.8, 5.2, 6.9, 8.5.

What is the greatest difference in math?

You only have the digits 1,2,3,4,5 so the largest 3 digit number that you can make is 543 and the smallest 2 digit number you can make is 12. Thus the largest possible difference you can make is between 543 and 12 that is 543 – 12 = 531.

How do you use a digit card?

Say a number (age appropriate) and the child creates that number using the digit cards. They, he or she reads the number back to you. You can also ask place value questions like “What is the value of the 4 in your number?” or “What place is the 7 in?” Math Facts: Have the children lay out the digit cards.

What is the greatest possible product of a 2 digit number?


What is the product of the greatest 3 digit number?

Answer: 98,901 is the answer.

What is the product of largest 3 digit number and zero?

The answer is 99900.

What is the product of greatest 4 digit number and greatest 3 digit number?

Answer Expert Verified To find : The product of the greatest 4 digit number and the greatest 3 digit number using the properties of whole number ? Solution : The greatest 4 digit number is 9999. The greatest 3 digit number is 999.

What is the greatest 3 digit number and smallest 2 digit number?

When we add one unit to the greatest two-digit number we get the smallest three-digit number. The smallest three-digit number is 100 and the greatest is 999.