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How do you determine if a nucleophile is strong or weak?

The key factors that determine the nucleophile’s strength are charge, electronegativity, steric hindrance, and nature of the solvent. Nucleophilicity increases as the density of negative charge increases.

What makes a stronger Electrophile?

1) They want electrons, meaning they are electron deficient. 2) They are attacked by nucleophiles. 3) They are positively charged, polar and/or polarizable. 4) They become better electrophiles in the presence of Lewis acids.

Why is amine more basic than alcohol?

The nitrogen of amines have tendency to donate electrons while oxygen of alcohols have tendency to gain. Therefore, amines are basic than alcohols.

Why amines are more basic than water?

Because nitrogen is less electronegative than oxygen, ammonia is a much stronger base than water and also a much better nucleophile. Amines, which are merely organic derivatives of ammonia, are also tetrahedrally hybridized and are comparably basic and nucleophilic to ammonia.

Which is the strongest base in aqueous phase?

here Dimethylamine

Which is the weakest Bronsted base?


Which of the following is a strongest base?

In the compound D, due to presence of methylene group between amino group and benzene ring, the resonance between the lone pair of electrons on N and the benzene ring is not possible. Hence, this lone pair can be readily donated and hence, benzyl amine is strongest base among the given bases.

Which of the following is least basic?

NI3 is least basic because Iodine has vacant d orbital hence it can accept lone pair of electrons from Nitrogen and help in back bonding. Also, basicity decreases down the group and in this manner as well NI3 is less basic than any other given compounds.

Which of the following amines is least basic?

following compound aniline is least basic amine.

Which of the following is least basic ch3nh2?

Which is the correct order of basic nature?

Solution : CH3NH2 is more basic due to pair on N and +I.