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What do you learn about Bryon in Chapter 1 that was then this is now?

Bryon looks for a job, and tries to get one with Charlie, who won’t let a minor work for him. He does, however, allow Bryon to borrow his car for a dance on Saturday night. Bryon plans to take Cathy as his date. Instead of taking a girl, Mark plans to just go with his friends, one of whom is Ponyboy Curtis.

What happens in Chapter 1 of that was then this is now?

Mark and Bryon soon realize that they’re bored, so they decide to walk back with M&M. When they spot him walking down the street, they see that there are three guys about to jump him. The guys approach M&M, and Bryon realizes that one of them is a kid they know named Curly Shepard.

What makes that was then this is now a coming of age story?

That Was Then, This Is Now is a coming-of age, young adult novel by S. E. Hinton, first published in 1971. Set in the 1960s, it follows the relationship between two friends, Mark Jennings and Bryon Douglas, who are like brothers, but find their friendship rapidly changing and deteriorating.

What happens in Chapter 2 of that was then this is now?

The next day, Bryon and Mark hitch a ride in a hippie van to the hospital to visit Bryon’s mother, who is recovering from an expensive, unspecified surgery. Bryon relates that they had to sell their car and their television to pay for the surgery, and that he’s been trying to find a job but has had no luck.

What happens in chapter 7 of that was then this is now?

The boys pull up to their house, and Bryon realizes that Mark didn’t drink any of the rum—he and Angela drank it all. As Mark drags Bryon into the house, Bryon thinks that they shouldn’t have cut Angela’s hair. Mark leads Bryon into their bedroom, takes off Bryon’s shoes, and tucks him into bed.

Why is it ironic that Mark is hurt during the fight at the dance?

Why is it ironic that Mark is hurt during the fight at the dance? because Mark was trying make the fight fair and unfairly gets hurt.

How did Mark and Bryon spend the day after Mark’s injury?

How did Bryon and Mark spend the afternoon? They spent the afternoon reminiscing.

What is the theme of that was then this is now?

Violence is a major and dominant theme in Hinton’s novel, “That Was Then, This is Now”. Violence is so common in Bryon’s life because it serves a variety of purposes, and is very useful to him. It serves as diversion for bored or drunken teenagers and as a means of delivering justice.

What did M&M say when Mark said he wanted to find someone to jump?

Curly has a grudge against B because he used to date his sister. 7. What did M&M say when Mark said he wanted to find someone to jump? M&M got angry at Mark for wanting to jump someone because he almost got jumped by Curly for being different.

Why is that was then this is now banned?

According to in an article on S.E. Hinton it states “In 1986, The Outsiders andThat Was Then, This Is Now were both challenged in the South Milwaukee, Wisconsin, School District for their depiction of teenagers’ drug and alcohol use, and because all the characters were from broken homes.

What is the meaning of that was then this is now?

The situation in the past was very different from how it is in the present; what was true before is not representative of how things are now.

What is the climax of that was then this is now?

Climax: Bryon, already upset over M&M’s bad experience with LSD, discovers that Mark is selling drugs and calls the police to report him. Mark is taken away in handcuffs. Falling Action: Bryon hates himself for turning Mark into the police. He breaks up with Cathy and stops caring about anything.

What is the setting of that was then this is now?

In That Was Then, This Is Now, the setting is an unnamed city in Oklahoma, most likely Tulsa, during the 1960s.

What is the point of view of that was then this is now?

Narration. The story is told in the first person viewpoint, from the perspective of Bryon Douglas, which is consistent with Hinton’s other teenage novels.

What is the main conflict in that was then this is now?

The conflict of the novel is Bryon is afraid of growing up. He has noticed that Mark is being more secretive. He is struggling with himself for a lot of reasons,his moms in the hospital,his brother sells drugs,low marks,his friend running away and more.

What might Mark’s promise to contribute to the family finances foreshadow?

Hover for more information. Though Mark’s intentions to help out with the family finances are positive, they foreshadow his career as a drug dealer, which impacts his relationship with Bryon in a negative way. Douglas has to go back to the hospital, the financial pressure on the Douglas family intensifies.

Who is the antagonist in that was then this is now?

Tim Shepard

Is that was then this is now a sequel to the outsiders?

That Was Then This is Now is a sequel and has two similar characters: Randy Anderson and Ponyboy Curtis. They both play a minor role in the book but Rumble Fish isn’t a sequel. Karen Murray No, these books are not sequels. S.E. Hinton will never write a sequel to The Outsiders.

How old is Mark in that was then this is now?

Mark is Bryon’s 15-year-old best friend. When Mark was nine years old, his parents killed each other during a drunken fight and Bryon’s mother subsequently took him in.