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Hey, you know what’s not boring? Trying new things.

So today we’re trying something new. Since this blog is pretty good-sized, I get a fair amount of questions emailed to me from readers. At the start of January, I also asked everyone on my newsletter if there were any questions I could help them answer – and the response was huge!

To be honest, my inbox is still full of questions I have yet to get to personally. And while I will get to them all at some point, I saw an opportunity here.

Why not create a podcast episode out of these questions? If one student is asking something, I’ll bet others want to know about it as well – especially when I’m seeing questions that I wish I had known the answers to in college.

That’s why this podcast episode is our first episode to be dedicated entirely to reader Q&A.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • How to deal with a lack of motivation to care about your classwork
  • Strategies to increase your productivity
  • Eating healthy (and cheaply) when living off-campus
  • Whether or not you should study abroad – and another (possibly better) option
  • Transitioning from dorms to your own apartment
  • The fact that I am terrible at Super Mario 3D World

I’ve also brought on my friend, roommate, and fellow blogger Martin Boehme as a co-host for this episode.

Martin is a junior at Iowa State currently, and he’s done some awesome things during his college career – including starting his own blog, Powlyglot, which is all about learning languages.

In addition to providing another great perspective for each question, having a co-host makes the show more conversational and fun. If you like the format, let me know!

Items mentioned in this episode:

  • Kayak – set up flight price alerts
  • Hostelworld – use this for travel lodging
  • Eating Healthy in College – my article at Nerd Fitness
  • How to eat healthy on the cheap – includes my stir-fry recipe
  • Pick Four goal-tracking workbook
  • [email protected] – amazing study music site
  • Indeed – job search site
  • How to build a personal website
  • How to create your own business cards
  • My study music playlist
  • The Cornell Method – great note-taking strategy
  • Building an iPhone App – how I turned a CIG project into class credit

Things you should do right after listening:

  • If you have a question about college, careers, or – well, pretty much anything I guess – ask me! We might feature it on the next episode 🙂

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